About Duwoners

Tenants association Duwoners

Duwoners is the tenants association for everyone that rents through DUWO in the region of Amsterdam. This region, which includes DUWO complexes in Amsterdam, Hoofddorp, and Haarlem, contains more than three thousand tenants, and their interests get represented by Duwoners.

Duwoners got set up in the last quarter of 2007. We have regular meetings with the DUWO directors. These meetings are about general tenant issues that effect every tenant of DUWO. Examples include yearly rent increase, the height of the service charges, or how maintenance complaints get settled. Detailed descriptions of the work Duwoners has done can be found in the annual reports.

With more than three thousand tenants, there is a great diversity within the group of DUWO’s tenants. There are students, and non-students, campus contracts and non-campus contracts, big complexes, little complexes and independent housing facilities. Duwoners of course does not know what is an issue at all DUWO housing, which is why various complexes have resident committees. These can help you when there are issues in your direct living environment. Duwoners supports these resident committees. 

If you run in to any problems in your complex, but there is no resident committee, then you can always come straight to Duwoners for help. We are also happy to help you set up your own resident committee! You can contact us via info@duwoners.nl.

The articles of association of Duwoners, in which you will find all of our formal procedures, can be downloaded through the link at the bottom of this page.