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Duwoners is a tenants’ association for all the renters of DUWO in the region of Amsterdam. In this region, in which DUWO has campuses in Amsterdam, Hoofddorp and Haarlem, live around 7500 people. We serve the interests of these renters. (There are around 3.300 renters on Uilenstede, Amstelveen, but these renters have their own tenants’ association named the VBU)

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Fire Krelis Louwencomplex…

Dear residents, We also got light of the arson that took place at the Krelis Louwencomplex. We are very shocked to hear that the reason behind the arson is LGBTQ+ related. Duwoners is prepared to start a conversation with DUWO about the arson and how similar events can be prevented in the future. We also […]

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General topics that are of interest to several tenants.


“A residents’ committee defends the interests of the tenant in their complex. But that’s not all …”

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Duwoners regularly receives questions about various topics that may be important for several tenants and for which you cannot turn to DUWO.

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