Residents Committee

Complex Spinozacampus

We, the residents committee of the Spinoza campus, are committed to all residents of the Spinoza campus on the Dennenrodepad and the Darlingstraat. The Spinoza campus is located in Amsterdam-Zuidoost on the border between Diemen and the Bijlmer. The approximately 1250 residences of more than 20 square meters on our campus are divided into 15 modular blocks and all have their own kitchen and bathroom. The residents’ committee regularly meets with the landlord DUWO and the municipality about problems encountered by residents and about suggestions to make the campus more pleasant. For example, we put forward suggestions for better protection of the homes that were ultimately implemented: there were hardly any burglaries after this. We also visit information meetings in the neighborhood on topics that are relevant to the campus and we have regular contact with tenants’ organization Duwoners about our activities.

We have also made a welcome booklet that shows new residents the way in the neighborhood and points out a number of things in their home. For relocations, a parking permit can be requested from us with which a car can be driven to the entrances of all blocks. Of course we also try to bring residents in contact with each other. That is why we manage a private Facebook page and we have set up an activity committee that regularly organizes activities for residents and manages the common space on campus. If you have questions or suggestions for us or are interested in becoming a member of the residents’ committee, we would like to hear from you via Facebook or e-mail.

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Street: Dennenrodepad & Darlingstraat
ZIP codes: 1102 MW, 1102 MV & 1102 MX
City: Amsterdam-Zuidoost
Neighbourhood: Zuidoost