Rent problems due to corona?

Dear tenant of DUWO,

Because of the corona measures that have been put in place, much has changed in a short time. People have suddenly lost their jobs. This can be problematic for many students who depend on a side job for their income. We have heard several times that students are struggling to make ends meet financially and cannot pay the rent to DUWO. Various petitions are circulating that ask to temporarily lower the rent.

Duwoners would like to assist its members in these uncertain times. Due to our role as a communication partner with DUWO, we can voice the concerns and problems of the students to DUWO. This requires that we know exactly what is going on among different students. We therefore call on you to share your concerns with us. If you have trouble paying the rent, how much is it? Would a deferral or reduction of rent help? If you can still afford it, how long will you be able to keep that up? By making getting insight into your concerns, we can form a clear and strong voice towards DUWO and stand up for your interests.

If you have problems paying your rent, please let us know and explain your situation. You can reach us via, or a private message on messenger.