Again a hot summer on the Spinozacampus

The summers are getting warmer in the Netherlands. This also means that room temperatures are rising, especially in some student residences. On the Spinozacampus the residences heat up quickly, and become unbearably hot during summer. Duwoners regularly receives complaints from students who cannot sleep at night due to the heat, or can no longer study in their home during the day.

Just before the heat records were broken in late July, Duwoners started an investigation into a number of homes throughout the campus. By measuring room temperatures over a prolonged period, we hope to gain better insight into the variation of the temperatures. With measurements to back up the complaints, we hope to be able to convince DUWO that something really needs to be done.

There was a lot of enthusiasm on the campus to cooperate with our research. More than 10 temperature loggers have already been installed. A few more will be placed in the coming weeks. As soon as we know the first results, we will provide an update.