End Date Zuiderzeeweg

In the past months, a complicated situation has been unfolding at the DUWO complex on Zuiderzeeweg. The municipality wants to use the land in a different way, and therefore the permit for the existence of the complex has been terminated. On September 18, 2023, all residents of Zuiderzeeweg received the message that all residents of the complex must vacate their homes by June 30, 2024. This was naturally a particularly unpleasant message for the residents of the complex, especially since it quickly became clear that DUWO had no intention of providing alternative housing for the tenants. Additionally, the termination date coincided with a time where many of the residents would be in the final stages of their studies. All in all, it caused a lot of concerns, with DUWO’s communication to the residents leaving much to be desired.

The residents of Zuiderzeeweg have fought a tough battle here, led by the residents’ committee. Duwoners supported the residents by attending meetings and seeking legal advice on the four different (!) types of contracts that DUWO provided to the residents of Zuiderzeeweg.

The persistent pressure from the BC and Duwoners yields a first result

After many hours of deliberations and discussions, hundreds of emails back and forth, and several interviews with the press, some movement was evident in DUWO’s position. During a meeting between DUWO, the BC, and a group of motivated residents on December 18, DUWO announced that an agreement had been reached with the municipality of Amsterdam to extend the eviction date by 3 months until September 30, 2024. The BC and the tenants pointed out that in a large part of the contracts the end date of December 31, 2024 is specified and they expect DUWO to adhere to that at the very least. DUWO stated that they would enter into discussions with the municipality again. Tenants also mentioned that they have a campus contract and therefore expect DUWO to offer alternative housing if the complex is taken out of operation. DUWO mentioned that 27 residents who had previously been granted contract extensions would be relocated by them.

Some more movement in this dossier

In the second week of February, DUWO made a further commitment: residents who do not have an end date in their rental agreement will also be offered alternative housing by them. DUWO stated that the total number of residents to be relocated is 78. These residents will also receive a relocation cost allowance.

Duwoners is very pleased that residents who have a contractual right to it are receiving alternative housing, where it did not seem to be the case before. However, we are very critical of the way DUWO has communicated with residents in recent months. The handling of the four different types of contracts is, to say the least, was remarkably messy. Ideally, we would like to see all residents who wish to do so offered alternative housing. The BC Zuiderzeeweg and we are therefor still investigating the legal situation for all tenants of the Zuiderzeeweg.

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