Heat supply problems Kees Broekmanstraat

Once again there have been some issues with the heat supply on the Kees Broekmanstraat, which have been going on for the past couple of months. At least one quarter of the residents have been dealing with this issue. Therefore, a lot of e-mails  have already been send regarding this issue.

At the moment it is stil unclear when these problems will be resolved. This is why Duwoners deems it important for there to be a representation from de Kees Broekmanstraat as soon as possible. These representers can consult with DUWO about compensation, as well as going through the options if there is no definitive short term solution, as the winter season is upon us.

Best case scenario would be to start a resident’s committee (RC) on the Kees Broekmanstraat. An RC has very clear legal rights when going into consultation with the property owner. When an RC will be started, Duwoners can and will support them during consultation with DUWO. If you want to start an RC, contact bewoners@duwoners.nl as soon as possible.