Back to School party Spinozacampus

Friday 13 th ! Even for the superstitious, this was a day full of luck for residents of the Spinozacampus. We organised a Back to School Party, the first event in the new academic year. Whilst walking and playing hopscotch on the pub floor, everyone received the usual free welcome drink. Lots of new residents found out about the activity committee and met the committee members during the flyer-sessions, which meant that lots of new people visited the party. Just like previous years, a lot of them were internationals that just moved in, but a big part was actually Dutch as well. A big group of people from the campus Whatsapp group decided to do a preparty at the picknick benches on the campus and made Bacchus instantly crowded when they arrived. Since it was good weather, we had a few drinks outside and had to drag some people in to get the dancefloor crowded. Thanks to our DJ Fish, people managed to have a good time! Next up is a Halloween party on October 31.